It’s Time to Decide… Will you Give it a TRI?

It’s Time to Decide… Will you Give it a TRI?

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It’s that time of year again.  We are almost to the end of the calendar.  Soon we will flip the page into a new year.  And with the new year often comes the theory of having a fresh slate.  Starting at the beginning with 365 days to make it the greatest year yet.

New Year’s Resolutions are often pushed to the wayside before the first month even comes to an end.  It’s easy to fall back into the same old routine and give up.  But this year… I think this year could be different.

If you’ve been on the fence in the past about signing up for TRI Clear Lake, 2020 is the year to tackle it.  In the past, I’ve heard (and given) every excuse under the sun why one does not participate.  The biggest reason being:  The Dreaded Swim.

**Cue ominous music**

I get it, I really do.  It can be scary out in open water with a bunch of other people.

So, here’s the deal… this year, the Race Directors have REDUCED the swim to only 500 meters.

Wait… WHAT??

I have a hunch this will be a total game-changer for a lot of folks.

If you’re like me, grasping the actual distance of 500 meters is difficult.  I mean, not only is math not my strong suit, but who understands the metric system?  Not me!

So how far, really, is 500 meters?  Well, it comes out to be 1640 feet.  Which, honestly, still means basically nothing to me.

When I read it equals .31 miles it started to take shape in my brain.  Okay, I can picture a mile in my head, and 1/3 of a mile isn’t bad at all.  OR – for those visual people – it would be 5 ½ lengths of a football field.

Bingo!  That’s not bad at all.

Totally doable, right?


Okay, so then it’s time to make that decision.  It’s the perfect opportunity, with the upcoming New Year, to set a goal and stick to your guns.  And to sweeten the deal just a tad, our premier sponsor, Athletico Physical Therapy, as well as the Chamber, have put together this awesome prize package filled with gifts galore, including $100 in Chamber bucks to spend while you’re in town for the race!

All you need to do to be entered is register for TRI Clear Lake 2020 between now and December 31st!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Plus… the price goes up on January 1st.  Considering saving money and being more financially accountable is also a common New Year’s Resolution, let’s kill two birds with one stone!

Here we go – pull the trigger and make your decision – will you give it a TRI in 2020?

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