It’s Gonna be a Bright, Sunshiny Day!

It’s Gonna be a Bright, Sunshiny Day!

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


I think it’s safe to say the storm has officially passed.  While the steady falling of powdery snowflakes wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, when that wind picked up, it was definitely unpleasant.  It’s funny how one gauges the severity of a winter storm.  For example, as I live near the interstate, it’s the flow of traffic coupled with how far I am able to see that determines if it’s really bad or not.

Thursday morning, I couldn’t even see the tree line across Fieldstone pond, let alone a single car on the road.  That meant it was pretty bad.

And so, today, the sunshine and blue sky is a welcomed change.  The fact that it has occurred on a Friday is an added bonus.  It helps put a little spring in my step and a smile on my face.

It’s been a great week at the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.  While we were all bummed knowing it should be a week of poodle skirts and golden oldies on the radio, the upbeat positivity at the Surf Ballroom shined through.  It was fun to reminisce of past Winter Dance Party events via their Facebook page as they posted photos and stories.

And, of course, I wrote this little ditty.

Even though the in-person events of the weekend are cancelled, the Clear Lake Community School District still invited the kiddos to dress up in their best 50s gear to celebrate the history of Rock ‘N Roll.  What an amazing experience, getting to grow up in Clear Lake and have these memories as a kid.

My tribe of young ones was beyond excited this morning!

And speaking of dressing up – today is also National Wear Red Day.  So, if you aren’t able to find where you stashed that poodle skirt and saddle shoes after last year, you can wear Red for another incredible cause!

It is on the first Friday each February that the nation comes together in solidarity to fight against heart disease and stroke.  While wearing red doesn’t actually FIX the problem, it does bring a barrage of awareness on every level to the forefront.

Many corporations across the globe designate the day as an opportunity to give back; by raising money to make a difference in the fight for healthy hearts everywhere.  This event coincides with the entire month of February being awareness for heart disease and stroke.  If you have kids in school, surely they’ve brought home their “jump rope for heart” packets, showing you all the things they can get if they raise enough money.

And so, as we ride that bitter Northwest Wind into another winter weekend at the Lake, at least the sun is shining.  Each day that passes, (albeit freezing) is another day closer to Spring and the hope of a new season on the horizon.

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