It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

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They say it takes a village to raise a family… but what about when your town hosts a triathlon?  How many people does that take to pull off successfully?

Turns out – A LOT!

Year after year, people have stepped up to the plate to help make TRI Clear Lake a successful event.  While the race directors and the Chamber staff had big dreams to bring this event to our beautiful destination town, it wasn’t something they could accomplish on their own.

So my first shout-out is to the committee members who spent months and months planning the logistics, securing volunteers and sponsors, and making sure every aspect of the entire event was planned properly and executed correctly on race day.

And then the volunteers… my goodness, people came out in droves!  They helped with set-up, prepping and planning for the next day.  The Clear Lake Lions Volleyball Team chipped in and made sure the finish line was ready for athletes to cross.  Then, in the wee hours of September 5th, people began manning their stations.  Taking temperatures of the athletes, checking everyone in.  The bike marshals made sure people were positioned properly along their route, as the run marshals did the same.

Boats and jet skis began to arrive on the water, ready to assist during the swim portion.  A special THANKS to Movement Solutions for the use of their kayaks for our lifeguards as they lined the swim route.  The Clear Lake and Ventura Fire Departments were on hand, as well as many local EMT’s to assist with any issues, accidents, or medical emergencies throughout the day.

It was definitely a sight to see out at State Park.  Like a well-oiled machine, the race began and shouts of well wishes and good luck filled the air.  At the finish line in City Park, another group of volunteers were ready to assist the athletes as they completed the race.  Thanks to the Lions Club for setting up their tent, and for everyone who made the finish line experience so amazing, especially United Beverage for their generous donation of finish line drinks!

A special thanks to Heartland Asphalt for sweeping the road before race day, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and safety for our many athletes.

Also, to the Clear Lake Police Department and the Cerro Gordo Sheriff’s Department for their assistance manning busy intersections on the bike route and spending the day safeguarding the athletes, volunteers, and residents of Clear Lake.

Speaking of residents – you guys were awesome!  I heard over and over and over again what a wonderful town we had, and how nice and friendly the people were from athletes who traveled here from all over the Midwest and beyond.  A+ job to all of you for making them feel welcome!  And if you didn’t get the chance to catch any of the race in person, Lewis Callaway was there to video the event, live-streaming the swim and finish line on our social media pages for everyone to see.  Thanks, Lewis!

Another round of applause goes to the Best Western, who so graciously donated rooms for the race officials and the chip timing company.  And a standing ovation to Alex with True Time racing.  Their top-notch dedication to making the race the best it can be is second to none.  **Plus – they gave me a chocolate donut around lunch time that was life-changing! 

And last, but most certainly not least, a special thanks to our many sponsors.  It’s hard to put into words the amount the gratitude we feel for each you, stepping in the help us with the event.  YOU guys are a big reason TRI Clear Lake is such a success in the Midwest, and still growing.  It’s your dedication to our community which makes Clear Lake so great.

Presenting Sponsors:  Athletico Physical Therapy and NEXTera Energy Resources

Gold:  CLTel, Bob’s Marine Service, Jenny Kopriva @ Lakeside Brokers, Clear Lake Bank & Trust

Silver: Heartland Asphalt, McKesson, Dean Snyder, Kingland Systems, Rookies, Sevens, Tap’d

Bronze: Sorensen Family Dentistry, Hall Realty, Cookies Etc, First Gabrielson Agency

Mile Marker: MBT Bank, Mercy One, We Care Chiropractic, Hogan Hanson, YohnCo, Kwik Star, Farmers State Bank, Ames Multisport


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