In the Know with a Cup of Joe

In the Know with a Cup of Joe


The World seems to run on coffee.

People have come to rely on the caffeinated cup of Joe to jump-start their day.  To get them going and get them through the monotony of a busy workday.  Catch phrases like, “I run on coffee and dry shampoo” or “I can’t adult until I’ve had my coffee” have zipped through the realms of pop culture as proof of coffee's importance.

But there’s another side to enjoying a good cup of coffee.  A slower side.  A side where friends gather to visit.  Catching up in each other’s lives as they casually sip their piping hot, delicious nectar of the gods.

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, I highly recommend you attend the Chamber’s Quarterly Coffee program on Friday morning.  Starting at 7:30am in the Surf Ballroom Lounge, it’s about an hour and a half of coffee, treats, socializing, and an incredibly informational program.

It's a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of our community!

The Chamber will be providing treats from the South Shore Donut Company and coffee from Cabin Coffee.  That, right there, should honestly be enough to get an add to your calendar on Friday morning.  I mean, who can resist the delectable sweetness of a homemade donut from Heaven?  Coupled with a cup of piping hot deliciousness from Cabin… it’s like the perfect storm for breakfast!

But it’s not only the lure of the coffee and treats as to why you should attend, albeit a super bonus.  It’s the high-quality program provided by local businesses and organizations to keep you up to speed and in the know on all things happening in Clear Lake.

Mayor Crabb will give an update on the City, touching base with any upcoming projects for the new year, as well as highlighting all they have accomplished in 2019.  Doug Gee, our superintendent of schools, will talk about the many accolades of our school district, including academics, athletics, and music.  Chad Schreck will give the EDC report, showing the growth and development for the North Iowa Area, and discussing what is next in building a region for people to work, play and live.

The final speaker is Tom Lovell, the General Manager of CL Tel, who will provide the CEO report.  It’s always fascinating to hear from the head of a company on what they have in the works.  The insight and intuition on how they can better serve our community is inspiring to say the least!

The program rounds out with announcements of new employees and promotions from area businesses and any upcoming events.

All in all, it’s a great morning for Clear Lakers to learn more about the community in which they live.  To understand how the intricate players like the City, the Chamber and the School are working together with our businesses to provide the best version of Clear Lake we can.

For more information, be sure to find our event on Facebook HERE.

And we’ll see you Friday morning at the Surf Ballroom Lounge!


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