In like a Lamb… and out with Island Fever?

In like a Lamb… and out with Island Fever?



I know this term is usually used for the month of March.  But honestly… has there ever been a year that it’s been factual?  If March came in like a lion, did it go out like a lamb?  Or vice versa?

And am I really that old that I can’t remember this from just a few short months ago?

Wait.  Don’t answer that.

I’m going to go ahead and make the official declaration that our summer came in like a lamb – and a lion.  Full sun beat down on folks as they picnicked in the park, took the boat out on the lake, or spent the weekend up at Tree Town.  On Monday morning, patrons attending the various Memorial Day services at cemeteries far and wide were faced with brutal temps.  Still, after the “Never-ending Winter of 2018” it was kind of nice!

And then Mother Nature decided we weren’t grateful enough for the warm temps she sent over the long weekend and battered us with a storm like I’ve never seen before.  Looking through Facebook, the pictures and videos that were shared from around town blew my mind.  Trees uprooted, boats slamming against the seawall, houses with broken windows and about 70 gazillion branches down.

That storm was NO joke, and I imagine there are a lot of people still working through the displaced objects and various issues associated with clean-up.

See?  Lion and lamb.  Therefore, my prediction is that summer shall go OUT with Island Fever.

See what I did there?  Clever, right?

As I write this, my Island Fever Showcase CD is blaring from my computer speakers.  Donny Brewer has crooned about island sun and the beach.  Currently, The Boat Drunks are trying to get me to set my watch to Tropical Standard Time.  Suddenly I have this urge to sit on a boat and drink fruity drinks filled with copious amounts of rum.  I want to feel the cool sand beneath my feet and the soft island breeze in my face.

The funny thing is, as my kiddos are now home with me for the summer, my daughter is currently dancing outside my office door.  Even kids can’t help but love this awesome music!

**On a side note, she’s wearing only underwear and has both feet stuffed into a poop emoji slipper.**

It could be a long summer, folks!

For more information on the Island Fever Showcase coming to the Surf Ballroom over Labor Day weekend, visit or to purchase tickets.

Now… go forth and enjoy the wonderfulness of summertime in Clear Lake.

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