Hello, February!

Hello, February!


Well, we’ve made it to month #2 for the year.  After January seemed to drag on for an endless eternity, I’m thankful we’ve finally made it to the month of love.

**high fives all around**

I got to thinking about the actual month of February this morning, and what a funny little bugger it is.  I mean, all the other months throughout the year have either 30 or 31 days.  But not February!  This short month has only 28 days on the calendar.  Well… most of the time.  Every four years they like to throw a little curve ball into the life and times of the calendar world and add an extra day.

It’s like someone had too many White Claws during decision time and thought, “You know what would be fun?  Leap Year.” Everyone cheered and then they all went home.

And what about the spelling?  Seriously. Weirdest spelling ever.  Why would you put a random ‘R’ smack-dab in the center of the word?  After a bit of research on this one, I found the actual diction is indeed “Feb-RU-ary” but most dictionaries recognize it without the pronunciation of the first ‘r’ as an acceptable variant.

Thank goodness.

“Feb-RU-ary” doesn’t roll off the tongue so easily!

Here in Clear Lake, most people might think February is a sleeper month.  One of those quiet, snowy, gray times of the year where individuals hibernate.

WRONG!  We begin to come alive in February, taking advantage of our frozen oasis and all it has to offer us in the winter months.  Lake time fun might mean boating and swimming to most people, but it also means ice-fishing and kite festivals!

So, what’s coming up on the docket this month in Clear Lake?  Well, this weekend is a doozy, folks.  As Friday nears, you’ll notice an influx of fisherman in the area.  Anglers from all over will flock to Clear Lake to take part in the Yellow Bass Bonanza, hosted by Clear Lake Bait and Tackle.  For more info on the event, click HERE.

And while they’re hoping to snag as many of the fishies as possible on one side of the lake, on the other side, in front of State Park, you’ll hear the pulsating rev of engines as snowmobile enthusiasts arrive for the Midwest Sled Fest.  Formerly the Jack Race, this event brings together people of all ages who love all things snowmobile.  Details of this awesome day are available HERE.

Coming soon is the Color the Wind Kite Festival.  If you’ve never seen the colorful array of impressive kites above Clear Lake, you MUST attend!  Big kites, little kites, vibrant colors in all shapes and sizes, banners, ground displays and more.  It’s the perfect winter event and will leave you in complete awe at their magnificence and splendor! Additional details can be found HERE.

These are just a few of the larger events coming up in Clear Lake.  For a full listing of events, activities and more, visit our website at www.clearlakeiowa.com.

See ya at the Lake!


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