Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival


It’s coming.  Creeping up on us like a stealth cat hunting its prey.  Soon, it will be here.  Soon, it will be the day.

And it will be AWESOME!!!!

Have you ever been to Harvest Festival in Clear Lake before?  No?  Well then, you just sit back and let me enlighten you.  I’d like to consider myself something of a Harvest Fest aficionado, especially considering my exceptional wine tasting abilities, so do not fear as I am fully qualified for this mission.

First up, you gather your girl gang.  Call your mom and have her watch the kids, because it’s your day.  In fact, have her come early, because you’ll need a little extra time to mentally prepare yourself for all the awesomeness ahead.

There will be shopping, and I mean SHOPPING.  With various vendors setting up along the streets of downtown Clear Lake, there’s literally something for everyone.  Jewelry, clothing, candles, soaps, pumpkins, adorable headbands for little girls – you name it!  And don’t forget the amazing shops along Main Street that are there all the time.  Oh yeah, they’ll have sales and specials and SO MANY cute things for you to browse and buy.  Trust me, you won’t be able to hold yourself back.

This is where the wine tasting portion comes in.  So you see… you purchase your Harvest Fest Ticket HERE and then you get this super-awesome goody bag with an adorable tasting glass inside.  So then you have a sip here, have a sip there, and soon there is zero buyer’s remorse and you can shop your little heart out!

It’s a win-win, really.

My crew, we’re professional Harvest Fest attendees.  We’ve got this day down to a SCIENCE.  It starts off at the VFW where a few of us indulge in their magnificent Bloody Mary bar, and a few of us enjoy an Apple Sangria or whatever fruity treat they’ve got on hand that day.  We discuss our game plan, and about how we’re not 21 anymore and we need to keep it under control.

That usually lasts an hour.

After tasting multiple wines and weaving our way through the shops and vendors, stopping to listen to the incredible live music along the way, we’ll realize we haven’t eaten and head to Ge-Jo’s by the Lake for a mid-afternoon lunch.  There, we will continue our day of bad decisions and order giant margaritas.  Because although we know we are not 21 anymore… it doesn’t always sink in until much too late.

One thing’s for sure though… rain or shine, Harvest Festival is a great time!

And for those of you who like to earn those consumed wine calories that day… there’s a newly added Champagne 5K!  What better motivation to get up and running than to know you get to end with a glass of bubbly goodness.  Registration is still open, so get signed up HERE!!

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