Got a Dirty Computer? Time to Clean it Up!

Got a Dirty Computer? Time to Clean it Up!



Have you ever had computer issues?  You know, the kind where you’re buzzing along, your little fingers typing furiously as you pound out that big work project, an important email, or maybe the next chapter in your new book… when all of a sudden, your screen flashes and then turns blue?

I call it the ‘blue screen of death’ and can tell you from experience that it is NOT fun!

Thankfully, those magical little fairies inside the internet made up a special day to prevent that blue screen from ever finding its way onto your computer.

Thus, today is…

Wait for it…

National Clean Out Your Computer Day!


Now, how does one go about doing such a thing?  Well, the trick is to use the best key ever invented in computer history – the DELETE key!!  Our computers can get bogged down with so much junk they begin to run slower, are more susceptible to being overrun by a virus which, let’s face it, opens up a whole new can of issues!

I, myself, am not good with computers.  Yes, I can use its basic functions; but throw in any sort of issue or problem (or tell me to ‘clean it out’) and I am completely lost.

Thankfully, there’s a fantastic Chamber Member right here in Clear Lake that CAN help with this sort of thing… OR, if you wait too long, they can fix you up after the fact.

In the late 1980s, as personal computers and the first local networks hit Corporate America, a man named Shaun Finn followed his passion and found his start in the computer support field.  In the early 1990s, Finn began working with TeamQuest, until he convinced them to start a consulting division.  In the year 2000, this endeavor grew into TQ Technologies, which Finn eventually acquired as his own a few years later.

Today, they are a North Iowa Leader in computer sales and services, with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Located at 630 US Highway 18 E in suite #2, they can fix computers, provide local IT support for small to medium businesses, are an authorized Dell seller (which they’ll come set it up for you), and have countless relationships with clients.  Their open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm; however, additional hours are possible if you call for an appointment.

I highly recommend taking advantage of National Clean Out Your Computer Day; getting ahead of any problems lurking behind the scenes that you probably don’t even know that are there.  Give TQ Technologies a call at 641-355-2700, or stop by their store!

Who knows… maybe it’s time for an upgrade to a new Dell computer!

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