Gifts Galore!

Gifts Galore!



The act of gift giving elicits a feeling of satisfaction to the giver.  Seeing the person’s reaction to your gift results in a sense of euphoria; you’ve made another human happy and it’s thrilling.

Being on the receiving end of the gift, however, is equally as exciting.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m an adult and that after someone gives me a gift, twirling in a circle while throwing confetti in the air over my excitement is totally unacceptable.

But seriously… wouldn’t life be more fun if we could?

When I open my Harvest Festival bag this year, I just might do that.  Well, that is if I’m one of the lucky winners of the amazing gifts from our Chamber Members.  Boy oh boy did these folks go above and beyond!  When asked for donations for the Harvest Fest bags, about 40 Chamber Members donated almost 50 gift certificates.

That means almost 50 bags will include an amazing gift from one of the following places:

See??  Holy incredible list, Batman!!!!  You can’t tell me you didn’t read through this and feel at least a little tingle of excitement at the possibility of winning from one of these great places?!?!

THANK YOU, Chamber Members, for helping to make this year’s Harvest Fest the best one ever!

If you still need to purchase your ticket, you can do so HERE.

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