Gearing up for Summertime Fun

Gearing up for Summertime Fun


When you hear the word ‘summer’ what do you think of?  Frolicking in the lake under the hot sun?  Bike rides, ice cream cones, or nights at the ball field?  Do you think of those lazy days as a kid where there was no more homework and you got to coast through life for three months?

I want those days back!  LOL.

Everyone has their own version of summer.  Obviously, summer for kids and adults are a bit different.  As a mother of five very active children, summer means lots of running around, filling ‘boring’ days with activities, all while trying to maintain some semblance of a clean house and grasping little moments of time to get some actual work done.

Needless to say, it’s a bit hectic.

My one oasis, though, the time where I know we can spend a few hours in chill mode, is during Thursdays on Main.  It’s one of my favorite things in Clear Lake.  I mean, there are so many food truck options that ALL my kids are happy.  At the same time.  And the bonus?  I don’t have to cook.


Instead, I get to enjoy a cold beverage while wandering up and down beautiful Main Street of Clear Lake.  The sounds of live music wafting into my ears as I peruse the various vendors.  In the park, my kids will run wild and free with their friends, jumping on bounce houses, getting their face painted, or playing on the park equipment.

Many of the local businesses or service groups set up booths offering some sort of game, or challenge, and hand out free items for kids.  The other vendors range from clothing, to jewelry, to homemade goods, to just about anything.  And if you’re hungry… there’s food galore.  Walking tacos, BBQ deliciousness, grilled goods, hot dogs (my favorite) and of course, sweet treats and donuts.

Seriously… you can’t go wrong here!

Be sure to like the Thursdays on Main Facebook Page for up to date details on the Movie in the Park.  While in past years we’ve played a movie each week, it will not be the case this year.  You know the part at the beginning of a movie warning about Piracy and such?  Yeah… see, we can’t just run up to Red Box and grab a dollar movie to play.  It is illegal, and I don’t think Trish would handle jail very well.  In fact, it costs about $400, depending on the movie, to play in a public setting.  Due to the lack of sponsorships, we had to cut back this year.  SO – be on the lookout for when it’s movie night!

Seriously, if you’ve never been uptown for Thursdays on Main, you need THIS to be the year. The fun officially starts on Thursday, June 6th.  Invite some friends or neighbors, bring a lawn chair to enjoy the live band.  Life is too short to stay home and miss out on all the fun activities going on at the Lake.

You live in paradise.  Don’t forget that!

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