Friday Vibes

Friday Vibes

Image by messersrach from Pixabay


Here we are once again, Clear Lakers, on the tail-end of another fabulous week at the Lake.  Albeit a bit on the cold side.  My body hasn’t quite adjusted to the drop in temperature.  That little bout of snow nonsense was a fun surprise on Sunday.  And while I’m not ready for the real thing to happen, I will admit Clear Lake looked rather pretty covered in a blanket of white!

As it happens each year, this is the blessed weekend where we get to set the clocks back.  Funny how times have changed as I’ve gotten older.  Back in the day, I loved this weekend because it meant an extra hour out at the bars.  Now I’m excited for the extra hour of sleep.  Never mind that it knocks everyone in my house off kilter for a few days!  Or the fact that our beautiful sunshine will disappear at five o’clock, making the evening feel like an eternity.

Is it time for supper? Time for bed?  Who knows? It’s been dark for hours!!!

I hope to see a slew of kiddos Saturday morning for the annual Halloween parade.  Starting at 9:30AM, participants should meet before at City Hall.  The parade will trapse down Main Ave and end at City Park.  Participants will receive a little goody bag (until gone).

Then, the main event – Trick or Treating - takes place from 5-7PM all throughout Clear Lake.  Do be cognizant of the road construction on parts of Main Ave and stay away.  We don’t need any little ghosts or goblins getting hurt!!

I’m excited to see all the fun, creative costumes!

As promised in my earlier post this week, I have to give a great big shout out to our pumpkin carving winner, Angie Stephen.  Here are her pumpkins in case you missed it on our Facebook Page.

These seriously put my triangle eyes and toothy grin attempts at creativeness to shame.  I mean, look at the DETAIL?!?!?!  Super impressive and bravo!

The biggest news of the week was learning that the Surf Ballroom is being considered to become a National Historic Landmark.  While already listed on the National Register of Historical Places, receiving the National Historical Landmark designation would elevate the Surf to an elite group and increase its eligibility for preservation grants while opening it to technical assistance from the park service.


All in all – it would be an incredible honor for the Surf Ballroom & Museum.

As always, thanks for another great week.  I hope your weekend is full of witches and pumpkins and ghosts galore!  Enjoy the pleasant weather one last time before we dive into November.  NOVEMBER, people.  Does not seem possible, yet it feels like this year has drug on for a decade at the same time.

See ya at the Lake!

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