Friday Vibes filled with Hope

Friday Vibes filled with Hope

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay


We have officially made it through the first full week of 2021, though it feels, for some reason, like it took much longer.  It could be the political turmoil swirling throughout the Nation.  It could be my body rejecting “real food” instead of the mounds of junk I consumed over the holidays.

Maybe a little of both?

A bright beacon of light throughout the week was the continuous social media posts as the residents of North Iowa received their COVID-19 vaccinations.  Whether you plan to accept the shot, or are adamantly against it, it still breeds hope throughout the area.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope for a return to normalcy.

To gather in crowds, attend various social events, and get back to living our best life at the Lake once again.

In anticipation for just that, the Chamber included our yearly events as a “Save the Date” so to speak, in the weekly events email.  Get out those 2021 planners and start filling in the boxes, my friends, because we have some fun planned for this year!

I mean, we basically need to cram in all the fun we should have had last year into this one.  So, I’m expecting a double dose of awesome!

April 22 - Green Expo

April 24 - Earth Day Festival, 5K/10K

May 29 - TRI Clear Lake

June 3-August 19 - Thursdays on Main (excluding July 1st)

June 30-July 5 - Fourth of July Celebration

July 16 - Chamber Golf Outing

October 2 - Harvest Festival & Champagne 5K

December 4 - Christmas by the Lake

Oh, how I hope we can successfully hold each and every one of these events this year!  I am longing for some good old fashioned downtown Clear Lake FUN.  But first, it seems we must make it through the long, cold winter months.

It’s do-able, Clear Lakers.  Keep ordering take-out and enjoying all that our local retail stores and shops have to offer.  Socially distanced movies are back in action to satisfy those cinema buffs.  The library has grab-and-go activities to keep the kids engaged in reading.  Lake Time Brewery continues to release delicious craft beers, but still maintains many of your favorites on tap.

Before we know it, the snow will melt into the ground.  The ice will dissipate across the frozen lake.  And we will be frolicking along the beaches, enjoying afternoons in the park before we know it!

With so many wonderful signature events on the horizon, I anticipate a bigger, better, brighter summer at the Lake!

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