Friday Rolls Around Again

Friday Rolls Around Again

Image by messersrach from Pixabay


For each day seeming longer than the last this week, we’ve somehow made it through to another fabulous Friday.  It’s funny how each day has its own ‘feeling’ based on where it falls in the week.  Monday is typically filled with dread and anxiety.  By Wednesday there’s a slight twinge of euphoria, knowing it’s almost to the downslope.  And then there’s Friday, a day where you wake up and still have to do all the adulting things, but you do it with a skip in your step and a smile on your face.

Because… weekend!

And nothing is better than a weekend at the Lake if you ask me!

Even with all the craziness associated with the pandemic this year - the cancellation of so many of our awesome events, altered seating at our favorite restaurants, or no lazy days at the pool – there is still plenty to do and enjoy while at the Lake!

The events calendar is beginning to look a bit more like the Clear Lake we know and love.  At least… sort of!  In case you missed the upcoming activities, you can check them out HERE.  Incidentally, if you’re not already on our weekly events email list and you’d like to be, please send an email to so you never miss out on the fun again!

Absent from this list is Church in the Park, which will be back in full force on Sunday morning at 10AM.  Bring your lawn chairs or a blanket to City Park and enjoy a socially distanced hour of worship with Zion Lutheran Church.

Also (fanfare please) the Lake Theatre will open their doors this weekend for movies!  Wahoo!  While we were so thankful to get our movie snack fix throughout the quarantine period via their walk-up window, we can now sit at a socially acceptable distance from others and watch and actual movie at the actual movie theatre.  To see a full listing of shows, check out their Facebook Page for movies and times!

Another win for the week was the beginning of baseball and softball at the Youth Athletic League.  While the fans are more spread out to watch the kids play, it’s still great to have our evenings filled with the sounds of laughter.  To see the smiles on these kids’ faces as they finally get to see their friends again after such a long hiatus.

It’s almost magical!

The crack of the bat and the screams from the dugouts as each team yells to either ‘run hard!’ or ‘throw it to first!’  The smell of the freshly popped popcorn as it floats through the air.  It’s like summer rolled into a nice little package.

Last weekend, the Chamber crew handed out 300 Family Fun Pack bags filled with goodies from local businesses, coupons, and activities on how to “Be a tourist in your own backyard!”  If you received one of these awesome bags, be sure to share your adventures on social media and tag the Chamber in your posts or use the hashtag: #myclearlake.

We’d LOVE to see your photos!

And thus, the ‘Feel Good Friday’ blog post comes to a close as we set sail into another fabulous weekend at the lake.  Rain or shine, let’s make it a great one.  Remember to shop local, to support our many small businesses and mostly, be kind (especially when at a keyboard).  Whether deliberate or a random act of kindness, it creates a ripple of good that spreads through the community.

Be the ripple.  Be the good.

See ya at the Lake!

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