For the Love of Cheese!

For the Love of Cheese!



It’s one of those days, y’all.  A National Holiday comprised of random nonsense.  And for what reason?  I guess we’ll never know how the Internet minions come up with these crazy ‘holidays.’  But nonetheless, they sure are fun to write about!

Today especially peaked my interest… because I love food.

It’s National Cheese Pizza Day!

Raise your hand if you LOVE some ooey, gooey, yummy delicious cheese pizza!!




Now, I personally choose to load my pizza with every topping under the sun.  I like all the meats and all the veggies, and then top that baby with all the cheeses.


But today is not about the many styles and flavors of pizza toppings out there.  No, today is all about the cheese.  The Cheddar.  The Mozzarella.  The Provolone and the Parmesan.

All of these… they are so Gouda!

See what I did there?  Cheese joke!

 So where’s the best places in town to get some of this scrumptious cheese pizza?  Well, you’re in luck, because Clear Lake has some GREAT options to grab a piping-hot, lip-smacking, tasty pie.

First up is Papa Everett’s.  Located right on Hwy 18, they are a low-key pizza chain serving up classic & creative pies on chewy, French-bread-style crusts.  As a bonus – they deliver!

Also in the delivery category is Casey’s on Hwy 18.  While many people may think of them as just a convenience store, in Iowa they’ve always been famous for pizza.  As a bonus… if you order ten larges and tear the little cardboard piece off the box, you’re 11th pizza is free!

Now, if you’re looking more for a little taste of Italy in all its authentic cheesy goodness, I recommend you order a cheese pizza from Ge-Jo’s by the Lake.  Talk about pizza masterminds.  I don’t know how they do it… if it’s the crust, or the sauce, but it’s sure to make your taste buds jump up and dance!  On a side note:  I suggest washing down said cheese pizza with one of their signature margaritas!

A hidden treasure of our great little tourist town, I bet you didn’t know you can get a wood-fired pizza on Friday’s at the LadyBug Bistro!  Yup… after a stroll through the greenhouse, relax and enjoy a delicious treat straight out of the wood-fire grill.

And for the true cheese lovers.  I mean, the people who really love a pizza pie piled high with various cheeses, baked to complete perfection and served piping hot while you catch a game or hang out with friends and enjoy a cold brew.  I give you… the Other Place.  While their menu is full of various food options, I guarantee if you ask people in town what the best thing is to eat at OP, they’ll say the pizza.

So there you have it, folks.  Five choices to satisfy that hunger for an ooey, gooey, cheesy treat!  Go forth and enjoy this wonderful, National holiday!

See ya at the Lake!

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