For the Love of Books, just Read this Blog!

For the Love of Books, just Read this Blog!




Yesterday was ‘National Write Your Story Day.’  I had grand plans.  Grand ones.  To write some eloquent little number about how writing triggers your inner creative monster, sparking stories and plot twists from deep within the inner psyche.

But you see, I’m a mom.  And while I love my kids (biological and bonus) with every ounce of my being, they tend to take said creativity and make it vanish.

It’s been a rough winter here at the Lake.  After nine days of cancelled school for snow, ice, polar vortex temperatures, the three added days for State Basketball and then a week of Spring Break – I’ve got nothing left.  No creativity.  Juices are not flowing like they’re supposed to, my ability to create insanely witty and fun blog posts is nowhere to be found.

Nope.  The tank is empty, folks.  And I’m afraid the only thing able to fill it back up is some sunshine and lake time!  **coming soon – praise Jesus**

So for ‘National Write Your Story Day’ it turns out mine would be rather sad and pathetic right now.  Instead… I decided a shameless plug for my own work, as well as an upcoming event I’m a part of, was a much better option.


  1. If you’re looking for an insanely sweet, sexy romantic suspense, be sure to grab a copy of Home, followed up by Broken Home for your reading pleasure.
  2. For a fun, quirky love story based in a ‘very familiar’ lake-town setting, you can purchase Unwanted Love!
  3. **Disclaimer – the 3 romance novels are for adults 18+
  4. For the adorable children in your lives, you who long to enrich their tiny brains with fantastic stories and life lessons, grab any of my three titles in the Adventures in Fieldstone Pond.
    1. Calvin the Grumpy Clam
    2. Teddy the Careless Turtle
    3. Florence the Cheerful Frog


Have you heard of the North Iowa Book Bash?  In its 5th year, NIBB is a book signing held annually at the Best Western Grand Ballroom.  The event, which takes place on Saturday, April 6th, is a highlight for many in the local book community!  Authors travel from near and far to attend.  This year, I believe we’ve got one flying in from Los Angeles, while another is coming from New York.

While the VIP tickets have sold out (YIPPEE!), you can still attend the event in the afternoon.  General Admission is open from Noon – 3pm and is only $4 to attend!  Plus, the first 100 people through the door get this super-cool swag bag!  There are prizes GALORE throughout the day you won’t want to miss.

Special this year, given that it’s the 5th anniversary, is a free class about how to write a romance novel.  Following the signing, Book Bash attendees are invited to join as UCLA instructor, Jeanne De Vita, conducts this craft-intensive workshop.  RSVP is required, so be sure to check the NIBB Facebook Page to register!

That night, we’ll dance the night away – 80s style!  A celebration, from BF Bookies to you, to commemorate five amazing years of this incredible event in Clear Lake.

For more information, and to stay up to date on all things Book Bash – follow us HERE!

See you at the Lake.  Happy reading, friends.

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