A Fever you Definitely WANT to Catch…

A Fever you Definitely WANT to Catch…


I want you to imagine you’re sitting on a beach somewhere.  Feel the warm sun on your face.  There’s a fruity drink in your hand and you take a sip just as a soft breeze blows through the palm trees.  The sound of water gently lapping against a dock, or the shore, lulls you into a state of total relaxation.  Sit back, take a deep breath.  Smell that?  It’s the soft tinge of salt in the air.

Now really listen.  What else do you hear?  Maybe in the distance, coming from a small tiki bar at the water’s edge?

It’s music.

That incredible mix of rock, country, Caribbean, Calypso blend is called Trop Rock and is inspired by the laid-back island style.

Kinda makes you want to shirk all responsibilities and jump on a plane, doesn’t it?

Recently, big name country artists like Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band have brought the Trop Rock music genre into the mainstream public.  This has caused a spike in popularity for the unique style of music and opened the door for a whole new generation of island-inspired musicians.  Back in the day, it was the ultra-hip music choice of the older generation; the ones who wear pink flamingo shirts and never miss out on a good Conga line.

These days, the Trop Rock scene includes a wide variety of music lovers all across the globe.

So why am I writing about this today?  Besides the fact that I wanted to give y’all a little escape (if only in your mind) to somewhere warm… well, the purpose of this blog is so you can save the date for Labor Day Weekend because the Island Fever Showcase is COMING TO THE SURF BALLROOM!!!!!!

Sorry for the excessive shouty capitals – but this is going to be incredibly cool!

The event will feature over 40 award-winning musicians and bands who tour the country performing to fun-loving crowds at parrot head (Jimmy Buffett fans) functions.  After a free Friday night concert in City Park, tickets are available for the Saturday & Sunday shows at the Surf.  The Chamber will be running the trolley, similar to how it’s done during Winter Dance Party.

So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming blogs as I spotlight a few of the scheduled performers.  And who knows… being that this is taking place at one of the most iconic venues in American music history… maybe Jimmy Buffett himself will make a surprise appearance?

For Ticket and Sponsor information go to www.islandfevershowcase.com

Or contact Bart Mason, President of the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club, at bmason@gwaea.org

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