Feel Good Friday!

Feel Good Friday!

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay


I’m not sure about you guys, but I feel a bit like I’m floating on Cloud 9 this week!  I mean, we survived another full week of school without being shut down by the State.  That in itself is cause for celebration!  I figure every day we get without having to go back to that dreaded homeschool business is a WIN for me!

So what’s been going on this week?  Well, Trish has been a busy little Queen Bee, getting things ready for the athlete invasion happening with the 4th annual TRI Clear Lake.  The race directors, the committee and the Chamber team have been working tirelessly to ensure we have a smooth and safe race day.  Lists are gradually getting shorter as items get checked off.  I’m so excited to greet the athletes bright and early tomorrow morning.  The weather looks to be favorable… fingers crossed that wind stays calm in the morning!

THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up to volunteer.  It really is a fun event to help with, especially for those of us who’ve never been involved in a sport like a triathlon.  Just to see the determination and drive of these athletes is fun to watch!  I, myself, will be out at State Park at 5AM.  While generally not so much a fan of the morning time, I’m super excited to help out!

In case you missed it, I wrote a fun little ditty for the blog earlier this week all about the TRI.  It’s a “what to expect” type of piece for residents as it pertains to road closures and high traffic areas on Saturday morning.  You can check it out here to get caught up.

The other big item on the docket is Harvest Festival Survival Kit sales.  Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls… you have until TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th AT NOON to get your bag purchased.  Now, we’ve been sending emails, posting all over social media, and shouting it from the rooftops on Main Avenue (okay, that one may be a bit of an exaggeration) that if there are not enough bags sold by the cutoff, the event will be cancelled.


Meaning not happening.

At all.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love Harvest Festival.  Love it.  Like, maybe more than I love my husband.  (Sorry honey, the truth can be brutal).  So, let’s get on the horn, get all our friends rounded up and get our bags purchased!

Here, I’ll make it easy, just click this link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clear-lake-harvest-festival-tickets-118319786667

Alas, the happy affects of the pending weekend are upon us, lifting our spirits and creating a mushroom cloud of joy to trickle down from the sky.  As a bonus, we even get an EXTRA DAY with the Labor Day holiday being on Monday.  It’s like a special little bonus prize for surviving the summer months.  Yay!

Don’t forget to cheer on your Clear Lake Lions tonight at the brand-new Lions field.  Due to an unfortunate case of COVID-19 on the Osage football team, that game had to be cancelled.  However, a new game against Iowa City Regina was scheduled as a replacement very quickly, ensuring another night under the lights for our kids and all their fans.

Kudos to the AD and coaches and whoever else was responsible for making that happen.  I was impressed, extremely impressed, by the flexibility and willingness to get another game lined up.

Thanks for another fabulous week, Clear Lakers.  I’ll see ya at the Lake!!

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