Fast Food Frenzy!

Fast Food Frenzy!

It’s a Fast Food Frenzy!


Some people choose it for convenience, others because they simply love the taste.  Either way, it’s no secret that the masses flock to the fast food restaurants like bees to honey.  It’s fitting, then, that today was set aside by the imaginary people inside of the internet as National Fast Food Day!

Clear Lake has long been known as “the place to stop” when travelling that long stretch on Interstate 35.  And while a few other eating joints have popped up along the way here and there, it’s the only option where you have just that… options!

So today, it’s a shout-out-celebrate-big woo-hoo for our fast food Chamber Members!  As often as we focus the love on local eateries and shops, we do appreciate the pull they have in luring speeding cars and trucks off the interstate and into our gorgeous town!

In the cluster of fast food goodness, we’ve got Culver’s, KFC, McDonald’s and Taco Bell.  Just down the road a bit to the south is Taco John’s.  And inward on Hwy 18 is Subway.  It’s like a smorgasbord of opportunities to grab a quick bite to eat and get back on the road.

Or, for us locals, it’s a quick and easy meal option as you run ragged hauling children to sports practice and games and band concerts and play rehearsal and everything in between.  Being able to drive through and grab something ‘on the go’ is SO worth it!

Many years ago, fast food was always looked down upon as being unhealthy.  Now days, restaurants offer a wide variety of healthy options for those watching their waistline.  Yes… you can still get a double quarter pound of meat and a giant container of French fries, but salads, wraps, and even healthy sandwich options have become more of the thing.

And now days, with many of these places having apps for your smart phone, you can order in advance and just drive over to pick it up!  Incredible!  The ability of technology has made fast food joints even faster, more efficient, helping busy consumers to grab a bite on a go even easier!

So we salute you, our bevy of fast food Chamber Members, as you celebrate your National Day.  And thank you for being such an intricate part of the Clear Lake Community!


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