FALL into Clear Lake

FALL into Clear Lake


It’s no secret Summer is the busiest time for tourists in Clear Lake.  With the draw of water activities bringing people from all around the Midwest, we tend to cater our slew of events around the crowds.

But what about when those crowds begin to dwindle?  As the school year kicks off, once again, we begin to notice less tourists around town.  Fewer people milling up and down our Main Street during the day, having picnics in the park or being out on the water. Summer homes are closed up for the season and many people return to their ‘regular’ home.

As much as I love summer - and I mean… love, love, love every single aspect about all things Summer – I’m a little excited for the change of season.  Cooler temps, earlier sunsets, the majestic beauty of the changing leaves.

So how does one “do” Fall in Clear Lake?  Thankfully, we don’t just button everything up and batten down the hatches for the winter.  Nope!  Not in Clear Lake.  We embrace the change.  More activities! More fun!

The best part about the autumn months is the continuation of Farmer’s Market.  The produce, the goodies, the colors of the fresh flowers and plants.  It really is the best time to hit up the Surf Parking lot on a Saturday morning.  Summer might be over – but Farmer’s Market is in full swing through the end of October!

And of course, nothing screams ‘FALL’ more than Harvest Festival weekend.  Starting things off Saturday morning with the Champagne 5K Fun Run, it’s the perfect way to get your blood going for a full day of shopping, food, wine and fun!  And the best part about this one is you don’t even have to be a super duper in shape athlete type of person.  You can run.  You can walk.  You can skip to your lou through the entire 5K.  Get signed up HERE before Sept 13th to be guaranteed a super-awesome long-sleeved shirt.

Mid-morning kicks off a full day of all things fall fun.  Harvest Festival is the perfect reason to skirt any and all weekend chores and other ‘adulting’ type of things to enjoy a perfect day meandering through Main Street and surrounding areas of Clear Lake.  Wine tastings, perusing the hundreds of vendors, popping in to the many local businesses.  Best day ever!

Still haven’t purchase for Harvest Fest Bag?  You can do so HERE.

It’s funny, too, because certain things are just turning points in the year for me.  The Clear Lake Fire Department Pancake Breakfast is one of those.  You might have a slight headache after all that wine tasting on Saturday, so the firemen of Clear Lake will load you up with pancakes and sausages.  It’s the super-cure if you have a little ‘too’ much fun at Harvest Festival.

And of course, there are other things going on all throughout the months of September and October.  Fishing tournaments, Haunted Hikes, various Library activities.  Fall camping is the probably the best kind of camping there is… so don’t put that 5th wheel away just yet.  Get out to State Beach and ENJOY all Clear Lake has to offer.

Summer may be over after Labor Day weekend, but the fun never stops in Clear Lake.  We just change gears, is all, but keep on turning out fun activities and chances to make more memories at the Lake!

For a complete list of fun things to do in Clear Lake, visit our website www.clearlakeiowa.com

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