Exciting Happenings with TRI Clear Lake

Exciting Happenings with TRI Clear Lake


Can you believe TRI Clear Lake is only 100 days away?

One.  Hundred.  Days.

Are you signed up?  Are you thinking about signing up?  Are you still sitting on the couch making lists of pro’s and con’s about signing up?

I get it.  I really do.  It’s a scary concept.  Especially if you’ve never done something like this before.  But just imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you cross that finish line at City Park.  We’re talking high satisfaction, riding those endorphins for a long time, type of accomplishment.

Oh – and then there’s an awesome after party with drinks, massages, and DJ Jared Allen spinning some tunes.  I mean, that alone should get you to pull the trigger and sign up.

And here’s a little added push to get you moving… the registration fee will GO UP again on March 15th.  That gives you just a few short weeks to get this awesome race in the most adorable little tourist town added to your list at a discounted price.

Here’s a super-easy link to click! --> https://www.trisignup.com/Race/IA/ClearLake/TRIClearLake19

So, what’s our big exciting news?  Well, TRI Clear Lake was just added as a race in the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC) for 2020!  Their sole purpose is to ‘promote and grow collegiate triathlon throughout the Midwest region by providing athletes with racing and networking opportunities while embracing the higher ideals of sportsmanship and athletic excellence of USA Triathlon.’

In a nutshell, this will bring a whole new demographic of athletes to Clear Lake for our event.  And seriously, what an awesome opportunity for us to see these competitive college athletes race in this incredible sport!  If that makes you apprehensive about signing up, never fear, you won’t have to compete directly with them, regardless of age.  The collegiate athletes will be in a separate division and have a start wave of their own.  Also, they will be participating in the sprint triathlon, and not the newly added Olympic distance race.

I am so excited for this and cannot wait to see these college athletes in action!

The other fun little thing we’ve got going on, is a promo on our TRI Clear Lake Hats.

The first 20 people to purchase the hat pictured will get a free pair of custom TRI Clear Lake socks, also pictured above.

It’s a heck of a deal!  And you’ll be covered with TRI gear from head to toe.


If you’re not local and need the items shipped, you can purchase by simply clicking the link below to the RunSignUp Store.


If you’re local, feel free to stop in or give the Chamber office (357-2159) a call to order yours!

One hundred days, people.  That equals 14.29 weeks of training, which is plenty of time.  You can do it.  I know you can.  You just need to give it a TRI.

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