When All Else Fails… Drink Wine!

When All Else Fails… Drink Wine!

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Well, folks, it’s finally that time.  Time for the big bad blog post about the very heart and soul of Harvest Festival.

It’s time to talk wine.

I began today's blog journey with a little research on the eleven fabulous wine stations.  It’s almost hard to believe these extraordinary places are located throughout Iowa.  In fact, I’m thinking someday I need to round up the girls for an epic road trip to visit each of them.

Or maybe a bus.  YES! Genius idea!

But back to Saturday… I encourage you all to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

If you’re not familiar with whites, they are mainly made from “white” grapes which are green and yellow.  The most common types of white wine are Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Riesling.  White wine is typically used during the meal, with dessert or as a refreshing drink between meals.  They tend to measure on the ‘lighter’ side of the taste and flavor scale.

Red wine mostly just scares me, mostly because I’m uneducated in the world of reds.  They are made from dark colored (black) grape varieties.  Must of the red wine production process involves extraction of color and flavor components from the grape skin.  The most common reds are a Cabernet or Merlot which are heavier, full-bodied wines.  For those that lean toward the sweeter whites, I suggest beginning your journey into the world of red with a sweet red wine served chilled.  It’s a great start to train your palette to enjoy the other reds.

So who will be there, you ask?  Well, here is the complete winery list and where they'll be stationed during Harvest Fest.

Towns End Winery – located in Hansell, Iowa (Franklin county).  They are located outside of Cabin Coffee.

Stone Cliff Winery – coming from their full wine production facility in Dubuque.  They will be located inside the Clear Lake Arts Center.

Winneshiek Wildberry Winery – a Decorah winery.  Their spot is just outside of Equinox.

Fieldhouse – stop in their restaurant as they’ll be serving their house wines!

Southern Glazers – They will be located inside of Lake Lifestyles.

Soldier Creek – this Fort Dodge winery will have samples at the Lake Theatre.

99 Bottles – from just down the highway in Garner, this family-run winery will set up shop inside Larson’s Mercantile.

Old Bank Winery – from Kanawha.  They will be serving samples on the Lady of the Lake.

Van Wijk Winery – from Sully, Iowa will be just outside the Red Geranium.

Engelbrecht Winery – this 11 acre vineyard and winery from NE Iowa will be at Unique Boutique.

Johnson Brothers – covering all 99 counties in Iowa, you can find them Saturday at Weathered Elements.

Be sure to say hello to all these folks and welcome them to Clear Lake.  The best way to ensure they come back again next year is to purchase the wines we sample and enjoy.  It’s like giving the winery a super high five!

See you all on Saturday!


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