Dog Days? More like Puppy Days.

Dog Days? More like Puppy Days.



As I began to ponder how this blog post would go, I realized our moderate temperatures of late aren't really cohesive with a post pertaining to the Dog Days of Summer.  Of course, it would wake me up at 3am wondering why, and how, and what I could do instead on the blog.

After I found this old (and very well written, I might add) blog post, I decided it was too good not to share again.  However, instead of Dog Days of Summer, we have more of the Puppy Days of Summer.  Low temps, cool breezes, and Autumn on the horizon!


When I was a kid, I remember hearing about the ‘dog days’ of summer.  It wasn’t something I ever paid much attention to, yet it seemed to stick in my mind and carry into adulthood.  Just the other day, as my children where lounging around the house, practically comatose as they watched some ridiculous Disney show for the 7000th time, I began to shoo them outside.  But then I stopped and thought, “Oh well, they’ve been going like crazy for months, I’ll just let them enjoy these dog days of summer for a while.”

Of course, that got me thinking.

What is a ‘dog day’ of summer?  I figured it had something to do with the super-crazy heat this time of year.  You know, like it’s so hot, even the dogs are just laying around.  Or maybe it referred to the ‘slow down’ part of summer.  That time where we switch from the go-go-go of swim lessons and never-ending ballgames to the lazy days of pure nothingness.

A time where we get geared up again for school, for fall sports and activities.  Maybe spend a little quality time with the family at a lake, or a zoo, or an amusement park before the hustle and bustle of another busy school year is upon us.

Sounds heavenly, right?  I need some ‘dog days’ of summer.

But actually, it’s called the ‘dog days’ because of the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the heavens.  To the ancient Greeks and Romans, the ‘dog days’ happened in late July and referred to these days as the hottest of the year, a period that could bring fever, or catastrophe.

So yeah, that’s a little intense.

Time is a funny thing. It just seems to continue forward, changing our seasons every few months into something totally different than the last.  I almost feel sorry for those people who live in moderate climates all year round.

I said ALMOST!

I like that when I begin to tire of the endless heat and bugs and kids being home from school (oh please, you tire of that too, admit it!), it changes.  The temps cool down as our trees begin to turn colors and those little monsters get on the bus every morning, leaving me in peace and quiet to write.

So enjoy these ‘dog days’ of summer before they slide away.  It won’t be long and that dreaded snowy season we don’t like very much will, once again, be upon us!

Remember friends – fill your tank!  With hot summer days, beautiful sunsets, warm nights strolling the streets at Thursdays on Main, great friends and lasting memories!

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