Do you wanna get… dunked??

Do you wanna get… dunked??




In a few days, the streets of downtown Clear Lake will again be flooded with people.  Tourists and locals will flock to see the many vendors, to grab some delicious food from one of the many trucks on site, and listen to the musical talents of the band for the night, Kiljoy.

This week, however, is special.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the August 16th date of Thursdays on Main is our celebration of “Back to School” night.  The Clear Lake Drum Line (who is amazing) will perform in front of the VFW at 6pm, followed by the Clear Lake Dance Team (who will leave you speechless).  At 8:30 is the Dance Team's annual GLO-RUN.  Are you signed up?!?!

Seriously, the talent of our youth in this town is mind-blowing!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!!!  Oh no, the highlight of the “Back to School” evening is the dunk tank.  Parked in the street in front of Cookies, etc, it’s worth a few bucks to watch your favorite Clear Lake faculty member or coach drop from their perched seat into a tank of water!!

For only $1 per ball or $3 for five balls – you can soak ALL these people!!!

6:00 = Doug Gee

6:20 = Dale Ludwig

6:40 = Mike Lester

7:00 = S. Putter

7:20 = A. Feuerbach

7:40 = B. Smith

8:00 = Jared DeVries

8:20 = B. Meyers

8:40 = A. Peterson

Also this week, we are still accepting monetary donations AND school supplies for the “Children & Families in Need Fund.”  This fund is in place to help supplement the school lunch fund for those in need, to help purchase winter clothing and gear for those children sent to school without it, and to help in any other way needed throughout the year.

Sadly, this is a real need in our school district.  Please consider donating, even if only a small amount.  It adds up and everything little bit helps.

For a complete list of school supplies, click on this link to a previous blog post =

So you see?  It’s DEFINITELY a Thursdays on Main you DO NOT want to miss.  Make plans with a group of friends and get uptown on Thursday to enjoy all the food and fun!

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