Clear Lake Park Challenge is in full Swing!

Clear Lake Park Challenge is in full Swing!


I might be a tad biased, but I think we have some of the best parks around.  I mean, most towns have a school park and a city park and that’s it.  But not Clear Lake!  No way, we’ve got parks coming out of our EARS, which is why the Clear Lake Park Challenge kick-off was such a smashing success.

THANK YOU to all the park visitors who used the hashtag:  #clparkchallenge.  Our first winner has been chosen.  I hope Summer Bendickson is enjoying her beach towel, cooler, sunglasses and koozies!



If you’re uncertain about the Park Challenge or how to get involved.  Check out my original blog post HERE.

Be sure to visit our amazing parks around town and use the hashtag #clparkchallenge when posting to social media.  You might be our next lucky winner.  Or even better… win the super-secret-totally-awesome GRAND prize at the end of the summer!

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