Checking in on TRI Clear Lake

Checking in on TRI Clear Lake


As communities, the country, and even the world adjusts to our new normal of social distancing, it seems the uncertainty of the future weighs heavily on all of us.

We had plans.  Lots of plans.  Plans for concerts and parties and graduation ceremonies.


I wanted to provide you all with a quick check in.  For all the athletes already signed up for TRI Clear Lake, and for those who are still on the fence.

Our May race is still 100% on at this point… And WE ARE VERY CONFIDENT TRI CLEAR LAKE WILL HAPPEN IN 2020! 

The key phrase of that sentence is “at this point.”  So far, there has been nothing mandated requiring TRI Clear Lake to postpone or cancel their event.  While the goal is to provide an unforgettable race experience for all the athletes, it does not mean the race will happen come Hell or High Water.

The race directors have been in contact with the timing company and have already penciled in an alternate date if they are required to postpone.  They have been in close contact with public health officials and government agencies to ensure all athletes will have the safest race environment possible.

However – as of today, at this very point in time, they are planning to hold the race as planned on the May date.  Given all the information, the changing atmosphere related to COVID-19, and the recommendations of public health officials, the directors will make a final decision about the date of the event mid-April.  Regardless, as I said before, TRI Clear Lake will have a 2020 event.

In the meantime, I suggest you continue to train.  First off, it’s good for you.  No matter when the race is held, no one ever said getting exercise and being physically active is a bad thing.  With gyms being closed, I know this poses another hurdle in an already tumultuous time in our lives.

But do you know what’s not closed?  The streets.  You can run and bike outside.  Let the fresh air clear out the cobwebs nestled deep in your lungs after the long winter.  Plus, training in the natural elements is much harder than being in a controlled environment inside the gym.  You burn more calories and work harder.

Unfortunately, it’s the swim training that might suffer more than others due to the closing of public indoor pools.  However, the link below contains exercises one can do to strengthen the proper muscles needed for a quality swim.

Resistance Band At Home Swim Workout

If you’re still on the fence whether to get signed up, I recommend you just go for it.  Seriously, now is the perfect time to train, right?  Suddenly, all your busy plans have been cancelled.  Why not work out and train for TRI Clear Lake?

Hopefully I’ve answered any lingering questions and calmed your fears about the race.

You know you can do it – you just need to give it a TRI.

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