Chamber Membership 101: How to Maximize the Benefit

Chamber Membership 101: How to Maximize the Benefit


I know it sits in the back of your mind.  That little nagging thought urging you to join the Chamber of Commerce.  But for some reason, you push the thought away.  Why?  Is it the fear of the unknown?  The apprehension that you’ll do something wrong?

Often the case when I chat with people, they are not sure if the benefit will outweigh the cost.  If it’s something they really need to do for their business, or something they can just brush under the rug and think about later.

I can boldly say joining the Chamber of Commerce will not hurt nor hinder your business.  It will only increase your visibility within the community, ultimately helping sales and the bottom line.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

So folks, now is the time.  Time to pull the trigger and take the plunge for boosting your business and community presence.  And we’re here to help!

The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is holding a “Membership 101” class of sorts to debunk any myths and highlight the many, many advantages of having your company be a part of the Chamber.

But the class isn’t just for new members – it’s for existing members, too!  President and CEO, Stacy Doughan, will cover a plethora of topics including sharing our website, events page, and business directory traffic statistics.  She’ll walk you through how to log in and update your directory listing, as well as touch on signature events, networking events, volunteer opportunities and additional sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.

While you may think you know all about the benefits of being a Chamber Member, trust me, you don’t!  There are a few hidden gems under the ‘benefits’ column.  Here’s a sneak peak of just a couple:

  1. Bulk Mailing:  This is an overlooked gem of a benefit.  Members with bulk mailings of more than 200 pieces can use the Chamber bulk mailing permit and save on postage!
  2. Business Referrals: The Chamber office receives MANY inquiries seeking business referrals.  We ALWAYS recommend Chamber members FIRST!
  3. Mailing Labels: This is another overlooked key way to market your company or organization.  Members have access to one free set of labels per year (more than 800 business contacts).  Additional sets are available for $10.

These are just a few on a VERY long list of benefits Stacy will cover during Membership 101.  Trust me… you don’t want to miss out.

Any new, old, and prospective members of the Chamber can register here:

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 24th from 3:30 – 4:30 in the Chamber Board Room for this informative session.  Admission is FREE.

See ya at the Chamber!



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