Blame it on the Rum

Blame it on the Rum




With all the running around to events and activities and such things of summer, it’s been a spell since I’ve touched on the Island Fever Showcase.

If you haven’t already heard… the incredible sounds of Trop Rock & Roll are coming to the Surf Ballroom August 31 – Sept 3rd for a long weekend of laid back music surely to take you away from all the stresses of life.  Hordes of musicians will flood Clear Lake on the most iconic stage in music history.

I suggest you grab yourself a ticket and be there!

So I decided to go in totally blind on my research.  Well, sort of.  But I did actually close my eyes and point to choose the feature artist for today.  And the funny thing is?  I’ve learned with these artists it doesn’t matter who I write about next, because each and every one of them are FAN.TAS.TIC.

Not kidding.

Today’s lucky winner is Sunny Jim.  I thought, “Okay dude, what’s your story?”

Um… wow.

James White has published 9 CDs of original music.  He writes music that he knows, about people he’s met over the years.  You see, in 1988, a temporary band gig took him to the Grand Cayman where he fell in love with the laidback island lifestyle.  There, he became “Sunny Jim.”  When the band returned to Nashville, he stayed on as the artist-in-residence at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman.

Honestly, isn’t that like a dream come true?  You go on vacation and just decide to stay at the beach?

As I sit here, his hit song “Blame it on the Rum” is playing on my phone.  This song was written and recorded for the Paramount movie “The Firm’ filmed on location at the Hyatt in the Grand Cayman.  James even had a small cameo appearance in the film.

His music, and his laidback island vibe, is what earned him the co-position of Master of Ceremonies for the Island Fever Showcase at the Surf.

If you haven’t already purchased tickets, you can find them at  I promise it’ll be a weekend to remember.  AND… they are giving the proceeds back to the Surf to help the music education fund.

Incredible music.  Incredible cause.  It’s going to be an incredible showcase!

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