It’s that time of year again, Clear Lakers.  I know you’re excited.  I know you’ve missed my endless posts about it.  I know this form is going to fill up quickly this year!

That’s right – for the next two weeks or so, I will beg endlessly for BINGO tent volunteers!


So, here’s the thing on the BINGO tent, you guys… it’s a TON of fun!  My kids even got in on the action last year and helped out for a bit.  Grab a few friends and fill a slot.  I mean, you’re in the park, in the middle of all the super-fun 4th of July carnival action.  The hustle and bustle of your shift will keep you busy that time just sort of slips by and then BOOM – you’re done!

And wouldn’t it feel good to fulfill a civic duty as such for your town?  Think of all the activities planned over the 4th of July.  The Chamber spends countless hours researching and hiring bands, organizing the carnival schedule, the parade, and the fireworks.  All these activities are provided to ensure that YOU have a magical, fantastic 4th of July and come back to celebrate with us again.

So, let’s get this form filled in, okay?!  I know you can do it.  I know you want to do it.

There is one condition, however.  While we understand that emergencies can arise and such, if you DO sign up for a slot, please stay committed to the time and service.  In the past few years, we’ve had a bit too much backing out last minute, or folks that never showed up for their shift.  When that happens, it’s too late to find a replacement and the tent has to be shut down.

And that’s no fun for anyone.

Last year, I watched a little old lady win $58 one round.  She was so excited, beaming from ear to ear as I handed her the winnings.  She turned around and gave all the money to a group of teenagers.  I asked if they were her grandkids and she said, “No, but they’re young and can go have fun at the carnival.  This old bird just likes to play Bingo.”

I almost cried.  Like, legit in the bingo tent, had to fight back tears.  It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

Check your schedule.  Send the Chamber a Facebook message or call 641-357-2159 to get signed up.

See ya in the Bingo tent, Clear Lakers!

Bingo Schedule

^^  click the link for the schedule!

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