Believe There is GOOD in the World     

Believe There is GOOD in the World     



As we celebrate World Kindness Day today, it’s heartwarming to scroll through my social media feed and see all the loving, kind posts.  It helps me to believe there is actually some good left in the world.

Because honestly, it’s been a struggle to feel the love recently.

Between the election and the ever-going battle about masks, it’s easy to get bogged down.  For the past few months, I think my blood pressure has been at an all-time high.  Anxiety wants to rear it’s ugly head day in and day out as we worry about school, about getting sick, about how we’re going to make this “only 2 people allowed at sporting events” thing work when we are a family of seven.

It is insanely stressful.

It’s also days like today that force me to step back.  To really take a look at the World around me, especially in our little corner of paradise right here in Clear Lake.  And to think of what I can do to spread kindness.

Remember way back when the pandemic first hit?  The Clear Lake Kindness Project came about as a way to bring a smile to someone’s face, but also help out our local businesses!  People left beer from LakeTime Brewery on front steps, they had Cookie’s Etc. delivered to neighbors, donuts from the DoCo, or even sent gift cards to others in hopes to brighten their day and create a ripple of kindness in our community.

So, today, as I write the Feel Good Friday post, I think it’s a great time to resurrect the Clear Lake Kindness Project.  There’s really no better day to bring it back than World Kindness Day, right?

With the Governor’s new proclamation going into effect this week, our small businesses need our support now more than ever.  I saw a graphic the other day that if every person chose to spend just $100 at a local store this Holiday Season rather than a big-box, national chain store, it would pump up our local economy immensely, helping them through this tough time.

And so, I encourage you to do just that.  I know its easy to simply click a button and have your package show up two days later.  I get it.  I’m often guilty of doing the same.  But this year, even if you find one person on your list and shop local for them, it will help.  Plus, it will keep our awesome stores and restaurants around for another season!!

In a World where you can be anything, just be kind, people.  Take a break from the keyboard today and maybe skip the argumentative comments on social media.  Instead, have a bouquet of flowers delivered to a friend who might be down in the dumps.  When you drive through to grab a coffee or your lunch, go ahead and buy the person’s in line behind you.

Give how you can.  Love fiercely.  And sprinkle kindness to others throughout your day.

It’s been another great week, Clear Lakers.  Let’s sail into the weekend on a happy note!

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