Beauty in Photos

Beauty in Photos




I have never been great at taking pictures.  And not just because I wasn’t born with that creative gene to capture an amazing shot, but because I’m usually the one who forgets to pull out my camera and take the picture in the first place!

So when we were asked to take over the Midwest Travel Bloggers Instagram page for a week, I figured it was the perfect opportunity, a chance to really work on perfecting my photo-taking abilities.

While I’m not sure I made it that far… I did realize something along the way.

**warning, here comes one of those sappy blog posts**

This.  Town.  Is.  Beautiful.

Seriously, it’s gorgeous.

And it’s not often that I just take a moment in my go-go-go, busy life, to appreciate it.  But as I parked by the sea wall on a bright, sunny, Monday morning to get the shot of the sailboats on the water, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Everywhere I looked was pure beauty.  Bikers cruising the streets, tourists strolling along the sidewalk, the happy peals of excited children as they played in City Park.  And the elderly couple who sat, quietly holding hands as they looked out over the water.

We live in paradise, people.  I mean, other people CHOOSE to come here for their summer vacation.  They could take their family anywhere, and they come to Clear Lake.  It’s incredible.

So just to give you a little taste, here are a few photos Libbey and I submitted during the takeover.  Be sure to follow Midwest Travel Bloggers on Instagram HERE to see more!

  1.  Lady of the Lake.  So beautiful.  So majestic.

2.  Lake Time Brewery.  Because... good beer!

3.  Sailboats on a clear day.  Can't get much better than that!

4.  Clear Lake has the BEST events, including TRI Clear Lake.

5.  From a bird's eye view - Clear Lake

6.  Come visit us!!

7.  Cutest little rock-and-rollers I've ever seen.

8.  Starboard Market Patio.  Amazing food, amazing atmosphere!

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