Beauty and the Arts

Beauty and the Arts

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


When we think of human survival, we often think of food and water.  Shelter is another important aspect of staying alive, but a bit of a gray area, really.  While an important aspect, one could live without shelter.

But what about being alive?

What about finding that feeling of pure harmony, where your mind and soul are centered into a feeling of serenity and peace?  It might not be the kind of survival to keep you breathing for another day, but it is the kind of survival that could be the most important.

For me, the arts and beauty are a big portion of that survival.  Whether it’s art, music, literature, I need it to survive; to live a full and happy life.  And beauty?  Well, we live in paradise, so we have an abundance of beauty available to soak in every day.  Even in the deep depths of a harsh winter, there is beauty.

Sort of…

As the Coronavirus hit the nation, the doors of the Clear Lake Arts Center closed, just like all the other “non-essential” businesses across the country, locking the glorious art exhibits in all their beauty inside.  Thankfully, the Arts Center is now preparing to open its doors with limited hours.  Be sure to watch their website and Facebook page for more details.

Until then, stop by the Sukup Lakeside Courtyard & Sculpture Garden.  This magnificent exhibit is designed for the community to enjoy.  Located on the grounds around the Arts Center building, it’s a great way to stimulate your senses, filling your soul with gorgeous art and culture, while still social distancing.

And for the beauty portion… well, you can fill your cup in one easy stroll through Central Gardens of North Iowa.  Situated on 2.75 acres, they boast twenty-two specialty gardens, three structures, several sculptures, and most dramatically, a Moon Gate arch that frames the Ceremonial Lawn.

A mecca of pure beauty with bursts of color swirling around you, creating a cocoon of peace and serenity as you meander through the grounds.

Always a taboo subject, but it is things like this, Arts and Beauty, that people need for mental survival.  To fill their cup with something other than the hustle and flow of life to really come alive.  While the arts are meant to illicit an emotion or reaction, beauty is meant to be calming.

And the combination of the two is the makings of a perfect storm.

I am always surprised in the number of residents who have never been to either of these locations.  They are at our fingertips, perched inside the confines of our little lake town.  If you’ve never been, now is the perfect time.  Life has slowed down as events have had to be postponed and cancelled, so take a moment to visit these incredible places.

Be a tourist in your hometown!  Enjoy the art and beauty of life.

See you at the lake, friends!

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