Back to School Night

Back to School Night




It doesn’t seem possible, does it?  I mean, June and July lasted five whole minutes, and now here we are, on our way through the month of August already.

And that means… only two more weeks until Back to School Night at Thursdays on Main!

A fun evening for parents and kids, this event is held every year as a fundraiser for our Back to School Drive.  The Clear Lake Area Chamber has teamed up, once again, with the Clear Lake Community Schools to raise money and gather supplies to support the "Children & Families in Need Fund."

As always, a dunk tank will be set up on the street outside of the VFW to raise money.  This year’s participants are the Coaches of Clear Lake, so be sure to get up town on August 16th to enforce a bit of revenge for having to run all those drills and wind sprints!

So where does your money go?  Well, to an assortment of places, really.  It can be added to the lunch fund, a supplement for children whose accounts get behind and they need it for a hot meal to get them through the day.  Or to purchase more school supplies, provide needed medical assistance or even necessary clothing.  It’s very hard to watch children come to school in the winter without the proper attire to keep them warm.  The Children & Families in Need Fund helps in so many ways.

In conjunction with the monetary drive, we are also collecting a plethora of school supplies.  Here’s a full list of items needed:

Clear sheet protectors

Composition books (100 sheet, wide rules)

Ear buds / Earphones

Expanding Files

Dry Erase Markers

Wide Ruled Notebooks

2-pocket folders

Watercolor Pain (8)

Zipper pouch for pens


Washable Markers (10)

View Binders (1.5” and 2”)

Colored Pencils

Black Fine Pt. Sharpies

Larger Size Backpacks

Whew!  That’s a lot of stuff and I know it’s a bit overwhelming when you first look at it.  Especially when you purchase school supplies for your own children and shudder at the receipt when you’re finished.

But here’s the deal, folks.  Every person gives at their own level.  Whether you contribute $5 and a box of Kleenex, or hundreds of dollars and buy one of everything on this list – IT ALL HELPS!!!

My heart hurts for children who struggle.  Mostly because they are innocent bystanders in most situations.  Maybe a parent lost their job, or there was a death in the family.  Maybe they just fell on tough times and are doing their best to make ends meet until they get back on their feet.  You may not fully agree, but it IS our job and responsibility as citizens of this community, and this school district, to help them.  To open our hearts and give them a chance to succeed.

It takes a village – so be a part of that village and donate!!

Donations can be dropped off for the “Kids & Families In Need Fund” at the Clear Lake Area Chamber between now and August 16th.  Also, school supplies can be brought to the booth in front of the VFW at Thursdays on Main on August 16th.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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