April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Image by dae jeung kim from Pixabay


Springtime is officially upon us.  The winds of March have blown away those cold, gray clouds of winter, making way for the warmth of the sun to shine through.  The promise of new life is on the horizon, which means more this year than any previous year.  Hope. Renewal. A fresh start.

We can trace the ever-popular saying all the way back to the year 1886 – “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers” – which may have an even deeper origin dating back to a 1610 poem.

The saying itself is a funny little creature, and actually a bit of a moot point.  In reality, even if there were no rains in April, annuals would still grow and bloom in May.  They might not be abundantly bright and beautiful, but the action would still happen.

The only authentic place the saying holds true is in the desert.  April showers would actually bring May flowers there.

Still, April is traditionally a rainy period in the spring, which gives way to May.  Due to the moisture creating a rich soil, the flowers will bloom.  Trees will bud and begin to grow leaves.  The burst of green seemingly appearing overnight at times.  We shake off the bitterness of winter and turn our faces to the sun as it begins to gain power heading into the summer months.  Flower beds boast new progression, climbing, reaching to the sky to kiss the sun.  And then an explosion of color appears.  The beauty of new growth, new life and new hope springs forth.

Here are a few local stores who can help meet your springtime needs!

  1. Larson’s Mercantile is bursting with fresh flowers and plants!  Always my favorite time of year, seeing the street outside their store lined with color.  Please use social distancing guidelines and enjoy your shopping experience to make your home beautiful this spring!
  2. The Village General Store has some of the most exquisite arrangements and planters every single year!  Keep your eyes peeled when you drive by to see when they have inventory. Located along Hwy 18, stop and check them out!
  3. For the bigger projects, head on over to Country Landscapes. Planting trees, landscaping, stone and rock work… they have you covered for all things outdoors!
  4. There’s also the fabulous Kramer Ace Hardware. This neighborhood store is SO much more! They have everything you need for spring cleanup, outside décor, or foliage.

And for those of you who love it all but seem to have the curse of the black thumb instead of green, you can visit Central Gardens to enjoy all the springtime things.  Flowers, trees, the endless beauty of nature.  Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, they have delayed their May 1st opening date.  However, they are working on a plan to eventually open with a new safety plan in place.  This Friday, they are hosting a virtual zoom meeting for anyone interested in volunteering at the Gardens this season.  For details, Go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/join-us-for-a-virtual-call-for… to register, or simply call the Central Gardens office at 641-357-0700 to express interest.

Spring has sprung, Clear Lakers.  While it’s a different feeling and a bit heavier this year carrying the weight of the Coronavirus, I am certain our local businesses will do everything they can to maintain some semblance of ‘normal’ for everyone.

See ya – at a socially acceptable distance – at the Lake!

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