Another BUSY weekend at the Lake!

Another BUSY weekend at the Lake!

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How can it be Friday again already?  I feel like I blinked twice and this week just sped right on by.  Apparently I need to hold on a little tighter to the reins of life or I just might get left in the dust.


Okay, so now that you had a minute to catch your breath from the 4th of July Extravaganza – let’s talk about this weekend.

First… there will be no time for rest.  It’s jam-packed with activity from start to finish, so I hope you got caught up on your shut-eye during the week.

Also… y’all need to hydrate like it’s your job.  The temps are predicted to stay steady at the 90 degree mark.  Water is now your best friend.

Now, so let’s get down to business.  What’s there to do at the Lake this weekend?

As always, there are the usual amazing events taking place:

Yoga by the Lake at 7am Saturday morning

Yoga in Central Gardens at 8:30am Saturday morning

Farmer’s Market in the Surf parking lot at 9am Saturday morning

Church in the Park Sunday at 10am

There’s also a sailing competition taking place throughout the weekend as well.  Our fabulous yacht club is hosting the ILYA E Invitational, bringing in sailors from all over the country to our magnificent lake!

City Park and the surrounding area is going to be rocking the whole weekend.  Or maybe I should say, it’s going to be totally jazzed as the Bicycle, Blues & BBQ festival takes over Clear Lake.  Friday at 5:30, the bandshell will turn into a haven of soulful blues music, tickling the eardrums of all who come to enjoy.  Bands are scheduled to play Friday night, and again on Saturday night.

And what goes perfectly with jazz music?  BBQ.  It’s like peanut butter and jelly.  Or spaghetti and meatballs.  While you take in the many performances, enjoy a tangy treat from one of the various local vendors along the park.  Amazing food choices, packed with flavor, are sure to make your taste buds dance!

You won’t be able to miss the incredible bike races happening on Saturday and Sunday.  The first time I went to this event and witnessed the pure athleticism of these bikers, I was in complete awe.  I think, maybe, they ride their bike faster than I drive my car.  Not even kidding.  It’s like warp speed, screaming through the streets of Clear Lake on two wheels.

There’s also a free kids race at 2:30 on Saturday.  It’s maybe the most adorable thing to watch as these little tykes line up, so serious, and take off for the finish line!  Don’t miss out.

On Saturday afternoon, you can find me inside the bright orange fence along the seawall, sipping on various craft beer from all over the state of Iowa.  Yup!  Brews on the Beach is back again and ready to entice your palate with the taste of barley and hops.  Tickets are needed in advance, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, click HERE.

So there you go, folks.  Another incredibly amazing weekend at the Lake.  Don’t blink, or it’ll go by in a flash!

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