All Good Things!

All Good Things!

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay


If ever there was a simple blog post to end the week, this is the one!  The abundance of good happening all around us is overwhelming.  Maybe it is the time of year.  People submerged deep into the Holidays, letting their spirit shine bright for all to see.

Or, maybe it’s just Clear Lake!

The goodness started with a post on saw as I randomly scrolled through the trenches of Facebook.  Starboard Market decided to auction off a meal for six with the proceeds going to Toys for Tots.  The meal, consisting of a delectable shrimp and lobster filled ravioli alfredo (YUM), tossed Italian dinner salad, garlic butter sourdough rolls and a Christmas dessert plate was posted, and the bidding war began.

It didn’t take long for people to jump on the opportunity to help.  The bids began to roll in and then… they received an anonymous bid of $5,000.

Holy.  Moly.

To top it off, donations rolled in on top of the winning bid, allowing the ladies at Starboard Market to provide Christmas smiles to SO many kiddos this season.

As if that isn’t enough to just warm your heart to the point of melting, the Volunteers of Clear Lake Community School District Facebook Page had a suggestion by Sarah Luyobya of creating a donation drive for the teachers and staff at CLSD.  Just a little something of a ‘pick-me-up’ to thank them for all their hard work during this odd year!  Talitha Allen jumped on the opportunity to organize the effort, collecting the funds and coordinating the disbursement of goodies!

Donations began to pour in.  Over 30+ people gave a total of just over $600, which provided items from South Shore Donut Company, Cookies etc, and Cabin Coffee for over 250 employees throughout the three school buildings, including all staff, janitors, and bus drivers.

There was even a bit of money left over, which is planned for more treats in January once they return from Christmas break.

It is noticeably clear we have an abundantly generous community, filled with caring individuals who value our school and all they provide for our children.

The final bit of fun for the week, is somewhat of an inside joke within the Chamber team.  You see, back in 2017 when RAGBRAI rolled into town, our events coordinator, Trish, oversaw booking local bands and talent to provide live music around town.

A young girl by the name of Maddie Poppe reached out.  Being that it was just her and a guitar, Trish passed on hiring her, going with other bands to fill the spots.

It was the blunder that went down in history at the Chamber, as Maddie went on to be the WINNER of American Idol the following year.

Oops!  Talk about your all-time backfire!

Stacey had the opportunity to see Maddie Poppe live in concert this week and, because her daughter, Brielle, was so adorable singing every word in the front row, scored a meet and greet with Maddie herself.  After explaining the story, Maddie was a great sport, signing a poster for Trish AND recording her a little video message!



As we begin our final countdown of 2020 (Hallelujah) we’d like to thank you for sticking with us through this trying year!  We look forward to a better, brighter 2021 and are filled with hope for the new year.

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