A Place to Gather

A Place to Gather

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Remember that baby shower you planned for your friend’s daughter awhile back?  You know, the one where you searched and searched for a place that could accommodate forty or so people with no luck?  And then, instead of delivering the disappointing news that the shower was off, you offered up YOUR HOUSE as the host?

Oh yeah… we’ve all been there and done that.

And once the excitement of “Yay, a party!” wears off, the regret begins to sink deep into your bones.  Oh… the planning, and the cleaning, and all the other little tidbits that go into hosting a party in your home.  You soon realize that you’ve gotten in over your head.

Last week, I stopped out to the Girl Scout Camp Tanglefoot for a Virtual Visit where I learned they have a solution for all your gathering needs.

Click on the Chamber’s Facebook Page HERE and scroll down to watch the full video!

They have not one – but TWO awesome cabin spaces that are perfect for all those special occasions with family and friends.  Set up with a full kitchen and supplies, it includes everything you need to enjoy a cozy gathering for holiday get-togethers, birthday parties, baby or wedding showers.  These facilities can accommodate so many types of groups.  The possibilities are endless!

The spaces are available to rent during their off-season, when camp is not in session.  In the summer, the camp hosts hundreds and hundreds of Girl Scout campers from all over the Midwest.  They come to enjoy the amazing camp and all it has to offer, including our various lake activities.  But during the school year the two large buildings often sit, unused.

So the next time you’ve gotten roped in to planning a get-together… keep Camp Tanglefoot in mind!  Reduce your party-planning stress level by leaps and bounds by hosting your event in one of their awesome facilities.

You won’t regret it!

Visit http://www.girlscoutsiowa.org/en/camp/camp-rentals.html to book your event or to learn more about the facilities, their rules, and pricing.

A hidden gem right here in Clear Lake that I guarantee many people didn’t know about!  Take advantage of all Clear Lake has to offer at beautiful Girl Scout Camp Tanglefoot!

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