A Good Time for a Beer

A Good Time for a Beer

Image by JL G from Pixabay


Today is National Beer Day.  But really, isn’t every day National Beer Day during a global pandemic?  With the closure of all bars and restaurants, a new trend has emerged: curbside beer to go!

While always a big ‘no-no’ in the past, times have changed in order to give craft brewers and bar owners a fighting chance at survival.  If you can’t get butts in seats at your place of business, the second-best option is to have them drink it at home!

So, why today?  What’s so special about April 7th?

I often wonder if these National Days have any real value, or if there’s just some guy, somewhere, making up a bunch of randomness and it became popular.  But this one?  It actually is on this day for a reason.

Head’s up, history lesson comin’ at ya…

National Beer Day is celebrated each year on April 7th, marking the day the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted after having been signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  This led to the 18th Amendment (remember that one… it was Prohibition) being repealed with the authorization of the 21st Amendment.

Upon signing the legislation, Roosevelt made his famous remark, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”  The law went into effect on April 7th of that year and it was on that historic day, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed.

It wasn’t until many years later, in 2009, when the actual holiday was created by Justin Smith of Richmond, Virginia.  He created a FaceBook page and began promoting the day online.  It became official when the popular beer drinking app, UnTapped, created a badge for National Beer Day that rewarded participants who checked a beer into the app on this day.

So, where can you get beer to celebrate?

Being that it’s Tuesday… not everywhere is open.  You may have to push your celebration back to tomorrow.  Or, if you’re like me, you’ve got a stockpile at home to make it through the day!

Tap’d – Open Wednesday through Friday selling Growlers.

Sunset Sharky’s – include a six-pack with your food order.

LakeTime Brewery – Order and Pay online for delivery or no contact pick up.

CAVU – Beer and Wine to go with your order!

Surf District – They sure can add beer to your pickup order.

Ge-Jo’s By the Lake – Curbside pick up

Following Grocery Store Guidelines, you can pick up beer at these Chamber Member stores:

Randy’s Neighborhood Market

Fareway Stores

Hy-Vee West

The sun will be out today, friends.  I hope you get to enjoy a cold brew to celebrate.  And as always, please keep shopping local and ordering take-out from your favorite local restaurants.  Maybe the “Easter Bunny” could send your friends or family a gift card from their favorite restaurant or store?

Thanks for being an amazing community.  You all are the driving force keeping our small businesses alive through this ordeal.

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