A Good Deed for those in Need

A Good Deed for those in Need


There are not many activities less enjoyable in life than shopping for school supplies.  I mean, its supposed to be fun and exciting and Moms everywhere should be rejoicing, right?


It’s awful.  Typically stationed in small areas within the store filled with screaming, unruly children.  Frazzled parents attempt to follow a random list of items as their children whine about wanting this or wanting that.  It’s loud.  It’s hot.  And I dread it every single year.

And why do they want a package of 10 pencils when the store only sells them in packages of 8?  Why?

But every year after we’ve purchased all the new supplies and bags and shoes and clothes for our children, it still hits me hard that there are families unable to get everything they need for their children.  The cost of school supplies, on top of everything else, can be crippling for families struggling to make ends meet.

We don’t know their struggles, nor does it matter.  All we know is our town needs to pull together and help.  If every family bought just a few extra items each year, the school would be able to provide so much assistance to these families.  In turn, reducing the stress some children feel about a new school year, and helping them feel comfortable and more apt to excel in a learning situation.

Once again, the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce has partnered with our member, Clear Lake Schools, to raise money for the Kids & Families in Need Fund.  This supports many areas including food, school supplies, medical assistance, necessary clothing, etc.  If you would like to help to school district in assisting these families, please drop off your monetary donations to the Chamber of Commerce at 205 Main Ave.

We are also collecting school supplies!!  You can also drop off any school supplies at our office from now until school starts.  Then, on Thursday, August 15th, the focus of our Thursdays on Main event is “Back to School Night!”  The dance team will perform as the special entertainment, and a dunk tank will be set up along the street outside the VFW for you to try your luck at dunking your favorite (or least favorite, maybe) teacher, administrator, or coach.

You know all those wind sprints y’all had to run in practice??  Well, it’s payback time, kids!  So grab your dollars and make sure to soak them!  A full list will be posted soon.

We will also be accepting donations during the event… so if you are unable to bring them to the Chamber, just drop them off during Thursdays on Main.  A full supply list is below:

Clear sheet protectors

Composition books (100 sheet wide ruled)

Ear buds/Earphones

Wide ruled notebooks

2-pocket folders

8 watercolor paint

Zipper pouches (for pens, etc)

Expanding Files

Dry Erase Markers


Washable Markers (10 ct)

Binders (1.5” and 2”)

Colored pencils (24 ct)

Black Fine Pt Sharpies

Larger Sized Backpacks

A few donations have already come in… and aren’t they adorable???


I simply cannot stress enough how much your donations, monetary or supplies, mean to this town.  I know the thought of going back to the store for more items sounds miserable… but these kids really need us to pitch in and assist.  It’s not easy picturing yourself, or your kids, in this situation… but trust me when I say that life can turn on a dime and knock you so flat you don’t know if you’ll ever get up.

It’s time to reach out a hand and help.  Help because it’s the right thing to do.  Help because every child in our district deserves the chance for a great school year.

Help because we’re Clear Lakers… and it’s just what we do.


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