A Day to Sit Back and Relax

A Day to Sit Back and Relax

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As I sat in the waiting room of the clinic this morning, hoping the vials of allergy shots they pumped into my arms didn’t send me into anaphylactic shock, I decided it had been awhile since I perused the National Days calendar.

I opened my browser and began searching… anything to drown out the drivel coming from the television on the wall, right?

On a side note, I left my cheaters (Read: old lady reading glasses) at home and had to hold my phone at arm’s length.  I’m sure I looked like a bit of a spectacle with my flamingo mask covering my face, doing the whole ‘close one eye and squint just a bit as I tilt my head to the left’ dance of an almost 40-year-old.


Still, I felt a small spark of joy when I noticed today was National Hammock Day.  How fitting as we wrap up the tail-end of July and head into the dog days of summer?

I fondly remember this time of year as a kid.  It was always my favorite.  Ballgames were over for the season, the excitement of school (and school shopping) right around the corner.  Yet you still had enough time to enjoy a few more lazy mornings of sleeping late.

And nothing screams lazy days of summer as much as lying in a hammock reading a good book or watching the clouds float across the sky.

A hammock is basically a giant sling made of ropes and fabric.  It’s often tied between two trees (or any sturdy objects, really) and used for swinging, sleeping, or resting in the great outdoors.  Back in the day – and I mean WAY back – hammocks were used to keep people off the dirt and away from wild creatures.  These devices slowly made their way to England, and eventually onto ships headed toward the Americas.  There, they took on more of a leisurely use instead of a practical one.

I can only imagine spending a day in a hammock as the ocean waves rocked the boat.  Sounds Heavenly!

While Clear Lake may not be large enough to host gigantic aquatic vessels, like yachts and such where you’d have space to hang a hammock, we do have a lot of places on land facing our picturesque lake where you could enjoy such spoils.

With all the stresses and anxiety the last few months have brought on, I just might take the afternoon to observe this fabulous holiday.  And while I’m missing a key element in the celebration – a hammock – I think it’s safe to say any sort of relaxing chair will suffice!

We’ve all been through the ringer lately.  Between the social, emotional and financial strains brought on by COVID and the worry, fear and unknown variables of what school might look like this fall, we deserve a break.  Even if just a day to re-set; to enjoy the beauty of our little slice of paradise in North Iowa and let it soothe the soul.

Water has an incredible healing ability.  I can’t tell you how many times my world has felt like a hurricane, all the junky parts of life swirling around me, threatening to crumble all that I am.  All it takes to calm the storm is the water.

Good thing I live in paradise!

See you at the Lake, friends.

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