A 4th of July for the Record Books!

A 4th of July for the Record Books!


It’s hard to believe just over a month ago we were flooded with tourists enjoying another year of our Independence Day Extravaganza!  It’s such a whirlwind event, it took us all that long to catch our breath, form a coherent thought, and get a list of thanks prepared!

So here you go – a shout out from the rooftops to all who help make Clear Lake have the greatest 4th of July in the area.

First up – the July 4th Committee.  It takes all year to plan this great event… and though this committee is small, they are mighty!  Incidentally, if you’d like to be ON this committee, give the Chamber a call.

Next up is our fireworks guru, Rusty Olson.  Rusty and ALL of his volunteers work tirelessly for days on end to ensure everyone has the best fireworks display.  This includes countless hours away from their families over the holiday.  Year after year, they knock it out of the park with the most amazing fireworks display over the lake.  Even this year, with a little nasty weather to work around, they rolled with the punches and made it work.  We tip our hats to you, Rusty, and your entire crew.  Y’all are rockstars!

Also, if you’d like to be a part of this volunteer crew next year, they need extra hands on July 3rd and July 5th.  Please contact the Chamber if you’re interested.

As always, the City of Clear Lake and the Clear Lake PD were incredible, working with us to settle any and all parking issues, as well as being an overall helping hand where needed.  This wouldn’t be possible without your support!

A super-big thank you to Randy Miller from Parks & Rec for trimming the trees in City Park, ensuring all the concert goers have a great sight line to the stage.

We can’t forget Evan’s United Shows for always providing the BEST 1st Class carnival.  Their workers are friendly, professional, and an overall joy to have in town for the week.  I swear, every year it just gets better and better!

A special thanks to the many parade set-up volunteers who get up early on the 4th to help get the parade organized for everyone to enjoy.

This is a big one folks… BINGO VOLUNTEERS!!!  Every year, it seems, I have to beg and plead to get workers, but this year the slots filled in quickly.  We had such a great turnout of volunteers, making it a fun experience for everyone in the park to play, that we surpassed ANY previous year in Bingo earnings.  Great job, everyone!

Thank you to Keith Hanson for being a great stage manager for all the great, free bands in City Park.  He puts in some long hours and late nights ensuring the band is good to go!

The Lakeside Vendor Market was a hit again this year.  A special thanks to Jennifer Martin for securing the vendors and organizing this entire area during the event.

To all the people who donate to the Ignite Campaign, and to the Fireworks Fund in general – YOU made this possible and we appreciate your support!

And last but not least the sponsors who help bring the awesome bands…

Clear Lake Bank & Trust

Larson’s Mercantile

Joshua Homes

Michael O’Brien

Kingland Systems


Woodford Lumber

CL Tel

Cabin Coffee

And lastly – thank you to all the Clear Lakers. The local crowd who not only comes out to enjoy the festivities, but also puts up with the seemingly endless flood of tourists for the week. I know it can make life difficult and inconvenient at times, but this is what makes Clear Lake great. So we thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, your ability to share our incredible slice of Heaven with others over the 4th of July Extravaganza.

Until next year, my friends!!

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