Baby… you can drive my car!

Baby… you can drive my car!



The evolution of cars throughout the years is a progression like no other.  And to think, you can see said evolution this weekend right here in Clear Lake!

It’s the largest event of the season for the Clear Lake Auto Social Society.  The C.L.A.S.S. car cruise and show elicits a wave of nostalgia for even those in attendance not alive yet during the era of the golden oldies.  Starting in the Kingland parking lot, the slow parade of cars, old and new, rolls all the way around the lake.  It ends at the Surf Ballroom where Dick Dale and the Whitesidewalls will put on one heck of a rock and roll show.

It’s an event I’ve enjoyed for years.  But this year, since deciding to write a blog post, I figured maybe I better do a little research.

Holy car information overload.

The terms alone were enough to make my head spin.  I mean… I thought any type of “old” car was considered a classic.  You know… the kind of cars they had back in the day of doo-wop and early rock and roll.  In reality, I learned the term “Classic Car” refers an exclusive list that indicates only specific marques built between 1925 and 1948.

Well then, I feel smarter already from that little tidbit of car knowledge.

But to appreciate the Car Cruise and Show in Clear Lake, you really don’t need to be a ‘gearhead’ who knows everything about cars and how they run.  It’s still fascinating to the average person; the kind who’s car familiarity ends with “the gas pedal is on the right.”

That’s me.  Turn the key, make it go forward, try not to hit anything.

Seriously… and sometimes even that is a bit of a struggle.

But I still enjoy the Car Cruise, and on Saturday will walk through the streets downtown to check out the refurbished rainbow of vintage style .  Whether you used to drive one of the restored beauties, or just appreciate seeing a piece of American history, it really is an event for all ages.

Even those who are completely clueless about cars.

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