A FUNdraiser you Don’t Want to Miss!

A FUNdraiser you Don’t Want to Miss!

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When I hear the word ‘fundraiser’ I conger a picture inside my head of old people wearing stuffy clothes, sipping their drink while listening to some sort of classical music.  It’s portrayed this way often in the movies, and books.

Sounds boring, right?

But what if there was a fundraising event that was actually FUN?  What if it was all about having a good time and gathering with friends… all for a good cause?

On May 31st you can attend such an event at the Surf District Rock & Roll Grill.

It’s FUNdraising – Clear Lake Style!!!

Tickets are only $25 and it’s guaranteed to be totally worth it.  Here’s why…

  1. There will be food.  Everybody likes food, right?  And at the Surf District it’s sure to be delicious as well as one of the coolest atmospheres in town.
  2. There will be live entertainment by the Brazilian 2wins. Never heard of them?  Well you are in for A TREAT, folks.  They are artists, entertainers, performers, speakers, and motivators.  To check them out go to brazilian2wins.com
  3. Silent & Live Auction. There is some SERIOUSLY cool stuff going up for auction.  Uh… Vince Gill tickets including a meet and greet and dinner for 2 at the Surf District?!  Yes, please.  OR how about a 4 hour fully guided fishing tour on Clear Lake?  I hear the Walleye’s are really biting!

So what are we raising money for, you might ask.  Well… imagine a place where children of all ages and abilities the accessibility and experiences to play together.  A place where children with disabilities, or the elderly can participate and be involved with everyone else.

Currently the playgrounds in North Iowa do not allow children with disabilities this opportunity.  The citizens of Clear Lake believe that creating a play environment using inclusive playground equipment that is welcoming to children and families of all abilities to learn, play and grow together, will not only boost our community, but people will travel to experience the park and enjoy what is has to offer.

And they are more than just wheelchair accessible, inclusive playgrounds provide safe open spaces, with specialized play equipment to allow imagination, invention and opportunities to play together.

The City of Clear Lake has graciously donated the land at the ORC (where the soccer fields and dog park are located) and the money raised for Everybody Plays will be 100% from donations, fundraising and grants.

This is a great opportunity coming to our community.  For locals, for tourism, and for our community as a whole.

So get your ticket – get to the fundraiser.  If anything, it’ll be a fun night out with friends!!

Tickets are available at the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce, or the Surf District Rock & Roll Grill.

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