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Once in a Lifetime

**photo credit:** BY: RACHEL SMITH The media has been flooded lately with talks of the upcoming solar eclipse.  Apparently, as this happens every so often around the world, it is the first time to cross the entire continental United States in almost a century.  They’re saying it will be the biggest Astronomical event America has seen...
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TEAMWORK – In union, there is strength.

BY: RACHEL SMITH   As a kid, I used to love getting new school supplies.  Opening a fresh box of never-used crayons gave me goosebumps.  I’d spend hours lining up my notebooks, all color-coded for each subject before I organized them perfectly inside my new backpack with all the other supplies. It was an anal-retentive OCD freaks wildest...
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Baby… you can drive my car!

BY: RACHEL SMITH   The evolution of cars throughout the years is a progression like no other.  And to think, you can see said evolution this weekend right here in Clear Lake! It’s the largest event of the season for the Clear Lake Auto Social Society.  The C.L.A.S.S. car cruise and show elicits a wave of nostalgia for...
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Harvest Festival – the perfect “Girls Day Out”

BY:  RACHEL SMITH   It’s no secret Clear Lake relies on the influx of tourists to keep our town running.  Our endless summer events make the hustle and bustle of summer life worth living. By the time you realize another summer has passed in our beautiful lake town, school is already in full swing.  Back to schedules, homework,...
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