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It Takes a Village

BY: RACHEL SMITH One of the coolest events around, by far, is TRI Clear Lake.  It’s something different; something out of the ordinary compared to all our other events.  Unique is the term that springs to mind, actually. But let me tell you, folks, it takes a lot of planning and preparation to pull it off.  Thankfully,...
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Main Street Facelift

photocredit: BY: RACHEL SMITH Change is good.  The perpetual ebb and flow of life, shaking things up and preventing one from becoming stagnant in life.  Some people struggle with change, tending to lean more toward the constants in life.  Keeping things always the same is their security blanket, wrapping them in the knowledge that all will...
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Cure for the Springtime Blues

BY: RACHEL SMITH You might remember the old 50’s rockabilly hit by Eddie Cochran… Summertime Blues. The most famous line from the song goes, “Sometimes I wonder, what I’m a-gonna do, But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” I’ve always thought it to be the oddest song.  I mean… there’s no such thing as the...
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Lake Time Brewery has gone Ka-Boom!

  BY: RACHEL SMITH It’s the only word I can think of to describe it, Ka-Boom!  Maybe not the greatest, most descriptive word choice, but it truly encompasses the entire realm that is Lake Time Brewery. So what’s been going on in the world of craft beer, you may wonder?  Well, let me fill y’all in. First off, the...
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