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Fast Food Frenzy!

It’s a Fast Food Frenzy! BY: RACHEL SMITH Some people choose it for convenience, others because they simply love the taste.  Either way, it’s no secret that the masses flock to the fast food restaurants like bees to honey.  It’s fitting, then, that today was set aside by the imaginary people inside of the internet as National...
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National Beer Day

National Beer Day BY: RACHEL SMITH (photo Lake Time Brewery) My fellow Clear Lake citizens, I feel it is my humble duty to inform you that the people inside the internet have done something incredible.  Something so amazing it should probably be considered the type of holiday where banks and other government offices close. A kind of day...
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Introducing…The Boat Drunks!!

Introducing… the Boat Drunks!! BY: RACHEL SMITH As I’m sitting here pondering the next group to highlight for the Island Fever Showcase, I came across this group call The Boat Drunks.  Now… they had me hook, line and sinker by the sheer awesomeness of their name alone.  I mean, talk about finding your Spirit Animal. For real.  I’m...
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