Monthly Archives: January 2020

Dreaming of Warmer Climes

BY: RACHEL WUMKES January is hard, you guys.  Not only are we coming off the high of Christmas and New Year’s, trying to find our new reality in a world where we must eat actual meals instead of party-time junk food for days on end, but it’s like the longest month. Of.  All.  Time. I know it’s technically...
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Who Dunnit?

photocredit: BY: RACHEL WUMKES The priceless diamond studded pterodactyl egg at the Larch Pine Inn has been stolen and Dr Pattie, heir to the 1875 Victorian Home in Clear Lake, (currently the Larch Pine Inn Bed & Breakfast), needs your help finding the thief!! Was it Chef Ginger, Ms. Pheasant or maybe… it was you! Where were YOU...
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The Music Lives On!

BY: RACHEL WUMKES Notoriety is often a sought-after trait.  People want to be known for something.  Anything.  But what if you’re known for the biggest, most tragic loss in the history of Rock and Roll? What if your legacy is littered with sadness, grief and despair? While the Surf Ballroom & Museum honors the three shining stars...
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We Go Together

photocredit: BY: RACHEL WUMKES There is an endless list in my mind of things that go together.  When you think of one, your brain automatically clicks to the other.

Salt & Pepper

Oil & Vinegar

Mac & Cheese

Peanut Butter & Jelly

See?  Your brain is probably on rapid-fire right now listing all...
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