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National Beer Day

National Beer Day BY: RACHEL SMITH (photo Lake Time Brewery) My fellow Clear Lake citizens, I feel it is my humble duty to inform you that the people inside the internet have done something incredible.  Something so amazing it should probably be considered the type of holiday where banks and other government offices close. A kind of day...
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More Than Just A Dance Party

By Donna Hup       (article from Destination Clear Lake 2018) Growing up I have fond memories of my parents playing their old records on a record machine and dancing to their favorite tunes.  My mom would tell me about how she'd run home after school to watch American Bandstand.  She definitely passed down her love...
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Once in a Lifetime

**photo credit:** BY: RACHEL SMITH The media has been flooded lately with talks of the upcoming solar eclipse.  Apparently, as this happens every so often around the world, it is the first time to cross the entire continental United States in almost a century.  They’re saying it will be the biggest Astronomical event America has seen...
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