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Come on It’s Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together with You!

BY: RACHEL SMITH And boy, oh boy will it ever be lovely weather.  I can remember some years being so cold it felt like my jeans were literally frozen to my legs.  Watching the parade and fireworks while wiping the ever-constant runny noses of my children because of the intense cold.  And I remember snow, snow...
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I Had the Greatest Idea for a Blog Post…..

photocredit: insiderfinancial.com BY: RACHEL SMITH … and then, the internet totally ruined it for me.  LOL. So yesterday afternoon I was on my daily walk and it was hot.  Holy cow, was it hot.  I’m talking like the type of hot where it’s actually hard to pull in a full breath because you just feel heat all the...
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Neighborhood Block Party Meets Street Fair

By: Donna Hup, donnahup.com Growing up I loved when our small neighborhood would get together on holidays and have a block party. We would each bring a dish and there would be music playing. Sometimes we'd just plan one on a weekend that didn't have a holiday because they were so much fun. Clear Lake's Thursdays...
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